Unsusual outing


What is it ?

We invite you to an unsusual outing where history, heritage and good humor intermingle, overcome by a touch of competition. Half way between the guided tour and the escape game, all elements are put together for you to have a great time discovering forgotten anecdotes. 

In teams, using your roadbook, stroll through the atypical alleys of the village of Bormes les Mimosas. Search, investigate, collect clues and answer riddles in a course where our participants are masters of their adventure. 

Drawn from true stories, our scenario is therefore inspired from the village's historical past and invites you to a life-size investigation in the footsteps of our ancestors.

Who is it for ?

No need to be an expert in orientation, a mathematical genius or a medieval history buff to participate in our treasure hunts !

Your sense of observation and your patience will be your best allies.

With friends, family or colleagues, our city game is open to all, and guarantee a memorable experience placed under the sign of good humor to discover a picturesque and atypical heritage.

In teams of at most 6 people, you will face other teams in a friendly atmosphere with a bit of competition all the same!

Accessible to accompanied children from 5 years old


How ?

The participants meet at a defined point and the teams are formed. A roadbook is given to each team. This document will be their breadcrumb trail throughout the journey.

The staff will explain the course and the game plot to you and will have you participate in a starting test.

The teams go through the neighborhoods using their roadbook, answer questions, mainly of observation, and collect clues related to the plot.

Each team is autonomous during the course but has a telephone number in case of emergency.

Average course duration: 2h - 2.30h



The end of the 16th century was marked by numerous crimes and violence where jealousy and greed led to wars, annexations and countless deceptions.

During the cold and hostile night of February 12 to 13, 1589, the Count of Carcès' henchmen land on the beach of Favière and move with a determined step towards the Castle of Baron de Bormes where the latter, surrounded by his family and his brother, Seigneur de la Verne, warm themselves by the fireside. In an outburst of violence, the bandits assassinate the two brothers, drive out the lords, sack and loot the castle before fleeing. It is said that a servant of the chateau couple managed to escape in time and hide the Baroness’s jewelry before she too was caught by the attackers, thus burying the secret of her location with her. The jewelry has never been discovered since. 

Get on his trail, and try to discover the secret of the Maures' treasure !